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This page is part the [:windows:Sage on Windows port]. This page is part the [[windows|Sage on Windows port]].

This page is part the Sage on Windows port.

Build System Approach

  • The shortest way to a build will usually be via autotools run on MinGW + MSVC's cl.exe - setting the right flags might be tricky. It is being done with ATLAS for example
  • For slow moving projects it might be worthwhile adding a Visual Studio project file.
  • Desired would be to get SCons or cmake based build systems up and running

Comment by William: I think we should learn from Enthought as much as possible on this project. See http://code.enthought.com/enthon/ for their "Python Enthought Edition--Python 2.4.3 for Windows Enhanced Python Distribution". They have some good ideas there. That said, they haven't made a release in 1.5 years. Why? We can ask them later this month at SD8.

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