Sage on Virtual PC

This web page is about using Sage via Virtual PC instead of VMware.

Do this

  1. Build sage-3.1.4 with *no* packages changed under ubuntu 5.10 with their compiler.
  2. Run the test suite with "make check". If everything passes, I'm really confused.
  3. If things fail, then almost certainly, we have a bad compiler.
  4. Take a clean sage, extract it, type make and wait a few seconds (until you see GMP being built), then hit control-c.
  5. Now build GCC and its dependencies

sage -i gmp-4.2.2.p1.fake mpfr-2.3.2
sage -i
  1. Now tell Sage to start build process from scratch by typing

rm spkg/installed/*

then build everything else by typing "make".

  1. Test this and ensure it works 100%
  2. Now do 4-7 again, but with the GPLv3 packages replaced by GPLv2 versions:


GPLv3 License Issues

For those with an allergy to (L)GPLv3, the following is how to make a Sage that works and doesn't have any (L)GPLv3 code or binaries.

cd /usr/share/doc
grep -i gpl-3 */copyright

On 7.10 this reveals only binutils, but nothing on 5.10.make


The microsoft Virtual PC version of Sage should include GDB, since it is handy to have for debuging cython code.

Install termcap: Install gdb:

Both of the above are GPLv2.


Just install it. Note that "Shared network" is impossible... etc.