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zn_poly is a C library for polynomial arithmetic in Z/nZ[x], where n is any modulus that fits into an unsigned long.

Website: http://math.harvard.edu/~dmharvey/zn_poly/


GPL V2 or V3. Some of the code has been copied from other projects - see src/COPYING for details.

SPKG Maintainers

  • David Harvey

Upstream Contact

  • David Harvey


  • gmp


zn_poly-0.8.p0 (David Harvey, April 4th, 2008)

  • updated to zn_poly-0.8 (fix minor bugs and memleaks)
  • updated SPKG.txt

zn_poly-0.8 (David Harvey, April 2nd, 2008)

  • updated to zn_poly-0.8.alpha0
  • updated SPKG.txt
  • changed spkg-install to run tuning program, test suite

zn_poly-0.4.1.p0 (Michael Abshoff, March 19th, 2008)

  • updated SPKG.txt
  • add hg repo, hg ignore
  • cleaned up spkg-install

zn_poly-0.4.1 (David Harvey, Dec. 18th, 2007)

  • created spkg from zn_poly-0.4.1

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