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Symmetrica is a program developed by Lehrstuhl Mathematik II of the University of Bayreuth. It has routines to handle the following topics

  • ordinary representation theory of the symmetric group and related groups (2/11/04)
  • ordinary representation theory of the classical groups
  • modular representation theory of the symmetric group
  • projective representation theory of the symmetric group
  • combinatorics of tableaux
  • symmetric functions and polynomials (7/22/04)
  • commutative and non commutative Schubert polynomials
  • operations of finite groups.
  • ordinary representation theory of Hecke algebras of type A_n

For more details check http://www.mathe2.uni-bayreuth.de/axel/symneu_engl.html


We include index.html, which is the above web site, which officially states that Symmetrica is PUBLIC DOMAIN.

SPKG Maintainers

  • Mike Hansen
  • Michael Abshoff

Upstream Contact


  • None

Special Update/Build Instructions

Slight modifications, see patches directory


symmetrica-2.0.p2 (Michael Abshoff, April 3rd, 2008)

  • OS 64 bit build support
  • make sure SAGE_ROOT is defined
  • Fix FreeBSD build issue
  • Build symmetrica with -fPIC on Debian (Tim Abbott, #2791)

symmetrica-2.0.p1 (Tim Abbott)

  • Add Debian build support

symmetrica-2.0.p0 (Mike Hansen)

  • Change compile flags to "-O1" to reduce compile time by 2/3.

symmetrica-2.0 (Mike Hansen)

  • update to latest release

symmetrica-0.3.3 (Mike Hansen)

  • package ancient release

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