There are several programs for working with Rubik's cubes, by three different people. Look inside the directories under /src to see specific info and licensing. In summary the three contributers are:

Michael Reid (GPL)

Dik T. Winter (MIT License)

Eric Dietz (GPL)


rubiks-20070912.p8 (Michael Abshoff, September 1st, 2008)

rubiks-20070912.p7 (William Stein, May 16th, 2008)

rubiks-20070912.p6 (Michael Abshoff, April 14th, 2008)

rubiks-20070912.p5 (Michael Abshoff, April 14th, 2008)

rubiks-20070912.p4 (Michael Abshoff, April 1st, 2008)

rubiks-20070912.p3 (Michael Abshoff, March 21st, 2008)

rubiks-20070912.p2 (Tim Abbott, Feb. 17th, 2008)

rubiks-20070912.p1 (Michael Abshoff, Jan. 28th, 2008)

rubiks-20070912.p0 (Michael Abshoff)