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There are several programs for working with Rubik's cubes, by three different people. Look inside the directories under /src to see specific info and licensing. In summary the three contributers are:

Michael Reid (GPL) http://www.math.ucf.edu/~reid/Rubik/optimal_solver.html

  • optimal - uses many pre-computed tables to find an optimal
    • solution to the 3x3x3 Rubik's cube

Dik T. Winter (MIT License)

  • cube - uses Kociemba's algorithm to iteratively find a short
    • solution to the 3x3x3 Rubik's cube
    size222 - solves a 2x2x2 Rubik's cube

Eric Dietz (GPL) http://www.wrongway.org/?rubiksource

  • cu2 - A fast, non-optimal 2x2x2 solver cubex - A fast, non-optimal 3x3x3 solver mcube - A fast, non-optimal 4x4x4 solver


rubiks-20070912.p5 (Michael Abshoff, April 14th, 2008)

  • fix gcc 4.3 build. The patch has been applied to the source tree. It need to be send upstream.

rubiks-20070912.p4 (Michael Abshoff, April 1st, 2008)

  • Debian amd64 fixes for rubiks (Tim Abbott, #2763)

rubiks-20070912.p3 (Michael Abshoff, March 21st, 2008)

  • SAGE_LOCAL check (#633)
  • remove binary crap
  • rename cube to dikcube to avoid name clash with polymake (#2595)
  • detect the location of install instead of hardcoding it (#2287)

rubiks-20070912.p2 (Tim Abbott, Feb. 17th, 2008)

  • Convert normal spkg-install to using new Makefile

rubiks-20070912.p1 (Michael Abshoff, Jan. 28th, 2008)

  • fix Solaris build by setting CC to gcc and changing Dik's makefile to use $CC instead of cc

rubiks-20070912.p0 (Michael Abshoff)

  • clean up SPKG.txt
  • remove *DS*Store and various prebuild binaries from tree
  • remove global hg repo (that included src!)


  • initial version

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