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gap-4.4.10.p6 (David Joyner, April 11th, 2008)

  • replace guava 3.4 by guava 3.4 with fixed Makefile.in

gap-4.4.10.p5 (Michael Abshoff, April 1st, 2008)

  • Debianize GAP spkg (Tim Abbott, #2756)

gap-4.4.10.p4 (Robert Miller, March 31st, 2008)

  • Leon's code is now fully compiled and copied over to $SAGE_LOCAL

gap-4.4.10.p3 (David Joyner, March 30th, 2008)

  • replace guava 3.1 by guava 3.3

gap-4.4.10.p2 (Michael Abshoff, Jan. 31st, 2008)

  • remove src/pkg/guava3.1/src/leonconv (#2006)

gap-4.4.10.p1 (Michael Abshoff, Jan. 22nd, 2008)

  • remove 1500 crap files from the spkg (part of #1883)


Upgraded to gap-4.4.10. Had to change files in the patches directory that hard code gap-4.4.9.

This is a stripped-down version of GAP. The databases, which are arch independent, are in a separate package and doc and tests are removed.

PACKAGE MAINTAINERS: William Stein, Martin Albrecht, and David Joyner


  • When you update this package, be sure to put the guava package in the package directory!!


  • doc -- some of documentation:
  • rm *.bbl *.aux *.dvi *.idx *.ilg *.l* *.m* *.pdf *.toc *.blg *.ind rm */*.bbl */*.aux */*.dvi */*.idx */*.ilg */*.l* */*.m* */*.pdf */*.ind */*.toc */*.blg
    • tst -- tests bin -- some BIG windows programs, which we don't need since GAP
      • is only going to be used via expect

DATABASES (separated out):

  • small -- small group's database; will distribute separately. pkg/tomlib -- just contains the "Table of Marks"; distribute separately. prim trans

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