Several "official" GAP packages are included, all of which are available from They are all released under the GPL with the following exception: GRAPE contains nauty (written by Brendon McKay).

A brief description of each package follows:

[ braid] is a GAP package for computing with braids, covering curves, and Hurwitz spaces.

[ CTblLib] - The GAP Character Table Library

[ DESIGN] is a package for classifying, partitioning and studying block designs.

[ FactInt] is a package providing routines for factoring integers, in particular:

[ GAPDoc] is a package containing a definition of a structure for GAP documentation, based on XML. It also contains conversion programs for producing text-, DVI-, PDF- or HTML-versions of such documents, with hyperlinks if possible.

[ GRAPE] ("GRaph Algorithms using PErmutation groups") is a package for computing with graphs and groups, and is primarily designed for constructing and analysing graphs related to groups, finite geometries, and designs.

[ HAP] ("Homological Algebra Programming") is a GAP package providing some functions for group cohomology computation.

[ LAGUNA] ("Lie AlGebras and UNits of group Algebras") package provides functionality for calculation of the normalized unit group of the modular group algebra of the finite p-group and for investigation of Lie algebra associated with group algebras and other associative algebras.

[ SONATA] ("System Of Nearrings And Their Applications") is a package which constructs finite nearrings and related objects.

[ TORIC] is a GAP package for computing with toric varieties.