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   discussion: [attachment:p-adic_discussion2.tex], [attachment:p-adic_discussion2.dvi], [attachment:p-adic_discussion2.pdf]
   discussion: [[attachment:p-adic_discussion2.tex]], [[attachment:p-adic_discussion2.dvi]], [[attachment:p-adic_discussion2.pdf]]
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 * [:sd2-singular-configure:Singular]:  * [[sd2-singular-configure|Singular]]:
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   Aaron Klemm, [:BillPage:Bill Page]
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This is where to find each of the groups. When you update this, write the time and date you updated it.

LAST DAY 2006-10-10 -- I on floor 1 of the HUB right *above* the dining area, off on the side. This is going to be an excellent place for the sprint this morning!! -- william (858)220-6876

  • GSL:
    • Tom Boothby, David Joyner, Josh Kantor

      status: code (wrapping DFT functions)

  • p-adic:
  • linear algebra:
    • Robert Bradshaw, Craig Citro (fast matrix multiplication), David Harvey, Yi Qiang, Rishikesh, Nathan Ryan

      status: code (get QQ and ZZ/nZZ stuff working ...)

  • arithmetic architecture:
    • Robert Bradshaw, David Harvey, Joel Mohler, Nathan Ryan, Justin Walker, Joe Wetherall,

      status: design (1. call into pyrex does not call python fcns, 2. coercion and optimization issues)

  • Singular:

    • Martin Albbrecht, Justin Walker

      status: code (compiling and omalloc is an issue)

  • gap group goodness:
    • Kiran Kedlaya

      status: code (clever hack for _len_ to make gap() pass Python booleans, is_subgroup bug, ...)

  • modular forms
    • Jordi Quer

      status: design

  • notebook help browser:
    • Tom Boothby, Alex Clemesha, Dorian Raymer

      status: design (1. full text search (returning SAGE functions, not grepping), 2. docstrings->SAGE worksheet)

  • L-functions:
    • Michael Rubinstein

      status: code

  • graph theory:
    • Emily Kirkman, Bobby Moretti

      status: design

  • Givaro:
    • Martin Albrecht

      status: code

  • Distribution/SAGE server hosting:
  • SAGE-Axiom Interface:

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