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[http://www.washington.edu/home/maps/northcentral.html?CMU Communications Building] on the [[http://www.washington.edu/home/maps/northcentral.html?CMU|Communications Building]] on the
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across the street from communications.) across the street from communications.) See also the
[[http://www.washington.edu/home/maps/campusmappg.pdf|printable campus map in pdf format]].
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[:days2: SAGE Days 2] [[days2| SAGE Days 2]]

SAGE Days 2 Wiki: Travel Information

The workshop will take place in the basement of the Communications Building on the University of Washington campus in rooms B006 and B022. (Note that Padelford (=Math) is across the street from communications.) See also the printable campus map in pdf format.

Directions to Communications coming from the south via I-5 northbound: From I-5 northbound, take exit 168B (Bellevue/Kirkland) to State Route 520. Take the first exit off SR520; the sign will point to Montlake Boulevard NE. Turn left into Montlake Blvd. and continue north past Husky Stadium. Move over to the right and take the 3rd right after the Stadium. Park in lot E1. It will cost $ 4 (a machine takes ones and fives). Park your car and walk over the foot overpass and up the hill.

Hotel information

I (=William) recommend the Seattle University Travelodge:

They have free wifi, are very conveniently located, and have plenty of available rooms right now (Sept 12!). Their rates are also reasonable (e.g., 78 and 88). The College Inn (http://www.collegeinnseattle.com/) is also a good choice, but it may be full. It might be possible to get a room there via expedia.com anyways.

Kiran comments that:

  • "It may be worth noting one downside of the Travelodge: given where it is relative to campus, it's less convenient to city buses, notably the ones running to/from downtown and by extension to/from the airport, than some of the other hotels."

David Savitt comments that:

  • "According to google maps, it's just 1/2 a mile from Padelford. (BTW, for the purpose of online mapping it might be useful to add to your conference website that Padelford is essentially at the intersection of Pend Oreille Rd and Stevens Way -- unless there's a street address for Padelford that I just haven't been able to find.)"

Martin Albrecht comments that:

which shouldn't be too far from the UW (?)"

  • That should be great. I didn't recommend it because they are almost full during the workshop now (I called them).

There are some other options here:

SAGE Days 2

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