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A talk for [:days2:the SAGE Days 2 workshop], by William Stein. A talk for [[days2|the SAGE Days 2 workshop]], by William Stein.

SAGE Days 2: SAGE: Status Report

A talk for the SAGE Days 2 workshop, by William Stein.

Here are my slides: http://modular.math.washington.edu/talks/2006-10-07-sagedays2/

  • The purpose of this workshop:

    • lots of strategy, planning, brainstorming, etc.
  • Funding ideas:
  • Mercurial revision control system: why? what? how? -- a very quick tour
  • Python 2.5 (see http://docs.python.org/whatsnew/whatsnew25.html)

    • list indices: __index__ method; This means n=2; [1,2,3,4][n] works!!

      • This was implemented by Travis Oliphant (author of NumPy), since NumPy also has specialized integers.

    • big lists lists with more than 2^{32} elements now supported

    • optimizations -- "Several of the optimizations were developed at the NeedForSpeed sprint, an event held in Reykjavik, Iceland, from May 21-28 2006." E.g., "Exception handling in Python 2.5 is therefore about 30% faster than in 2.4."

    • memory -- memory is now freed

    • ctypes -- ctypes is included standard

    • conditional expressions: x = true_value if condition else false_value

    • context managers: relevant to all the discussion about precision lately: http://docs.python.org/whatsnew/pep-343.html

    • any and all -- new mathy builtins:

   sage: any(is_prime(x) for x in range(114,125))
   sage: all(is_prime(x) for x in prime_range(50,100))
  • Recent additions to SAGE:
    • GSL: GNU Scientific Library
    • Twisted: Networking framework
    • Macaulay2: optional package that builds from source
  • Upcoming events that are relevant to SAGE development:
    • October 23-27: I'm speaking about SAGE at an IMA "Software in Algebraic Geometry" in Minnesota later this month.
    • Nov 5-11: Me at CCR
    • Dec 3-4, 2006: Me at Waterloo
    • Jan 29-Feb 2: MSRI Interactive Parallel Computation ---> SAGE

    • March 10-14, 2007: Arizona Winter School (I'm at co-organizer). David Savitt (here) is the organizer.
    • June 3-8, 2007: Banff workshop on modular forms computation -- I'm an organizer
    • July 30-Aug 3, 2007: AIM: Workshop on Modular Forms and L-functions -- I'm an organizer
    • Plans:
      • SAGE 2.0: fast arithmetic
      • SAGE 3.0: parallel
      • Along the way: modular forms, elliptic curves, groebner basis, quaternion algebras, etc. -- what people want
    • Home improvement -- extreme edition --- Let's build the car!

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