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 * There is a Tully's in the HUB. No ambience, but the whole building has UW wifi  * There is a Tully's in the HUB (a 1-minute walk from the communications and math buildings).   No ambience, but the whole building has UW wifi.

[:days2:SAGE Days 2] Coffee Shops

For lots of suggestions around the city take a look at http://seattle.wifimug.org/

Coffee Shops On Campus

(Both of these are about 1 minute from the communications building)

  • There is a Tully's in the HUB (a 1-minute walk from the communications and math buildings). No ambience, but the whole building has UW wifi.
  • In the basement of the Art Building there is a coffee shop (Parnassus). No wifi but nice environment. http://www.washington.edu/home/maps/northcentral.html?art

Coffee Off Campus

(All of these are about 10 minutes walking from the communications building except the University Zoka)

  • The Allegro: On 42nd in the alley between University Ave and 15th (the alley is by Magus books, there is a church nearby). Free wifi, good coffee, and nice environment. Fairly large number of outlets Open till 10:30. http://seattle.wifimug.org/index.cgi?CafeAllegro

  • The Sureshot: At 45th and the Ave. Free Wifi. One might say it sometimes has an edgier crowd. 7am-midnight. http://seattle.wifimug.org/index.cgi?Sureshot

  • Coffee and Comics: On 45th between the Ave and 15th. Neat place if you like comics. Free wifi. Open till 11 p.m M-F. 7p.m. on weekends. http://seattle.wifimug.org/index.cgi?CoffeeandComics

  • University Zoka: North of the University Village. Free wifi and lots of outlets. 6am-midnight http://seattle.wifimug.org/index.cgi?UniversityZoka. Just a warning, walking here from campus is slightly harder than to the other coffee shops as the road down to the U Village is a little steep. Also its probably about a 15-20 minute walk from the communications building.

  • There are a multitude of chain coffee shops Starbucks/Tully's along the ave. Most do not have free wifi but it often bleeds in. In particular the starbucks at 42nd and the Ave has free wifi from multiple sources bleeding in. The starbucks in the University Village deserves mention as it is open till 1am Sun-Thur and 2am Fri-Sat. http://www.uvillage.com

  • Solstice: On the ave between 41st and 42nd. Notable because they serve coffee, tea, and beer! No wifi (or very weak). http://www.cafesolstice.com

  • Cafe on the Ave: 42nd and University Ave: Free wifi (they give you a WEP key when you buy anything). Lots of outlets, large. http://seattle.wifimug.org/index.cgi?CafeOnTheAve

  • Trabant Chai Lounge: On 45th between University Ave and Brooklyn Ave (next to the movie theatre). If chai is your thing go here. Free wifi. http://seattle.wifimug.org/index.cgi?TrabantChaiLounge

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