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= Problem: Thread Safety = = MSRI 2007 Parallel Computation Problem List =
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SAGE includes the C/C++ libraries listed below. For each library, determine whether or not (or to what extent) it is thread safe. == SAGE-related Problems ==

[:msri07/threadsafety: Thread Safety of the SAGE Libraries]
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"Be careful if your application uses libraries or other objects that don't explicitly guarantee thread-safeness. When in doubt, assume that they are not thread-safe until proven otherwise.
Thread-safeness: in a nutshell, refers an application's ability to execute multiple threads simultaneously without "clobbering" shared data or creating "race" conditions. For example, suppose that you use a library routine that accesses/modifies a global structure or location in memory. If two threads both call this routine it is possible that they may try to modify this global structure/memory location at the same time. If the routine does not employ some sort of synchronization constructs to prevent data corruption, then it is not thread-safe. The implication to users of external library routines is that if you aren't 100% certain the routine is thread-safe, then you take your chances with problems that could arise." -- from [http://www.llnl.gov/computing/tutorials/pthreads/ the pthreads tutorial]

== GMP: Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic Library ==
== GSL: Gnu Scientific Library ==
== MPFR: Arbitrary precision real arithmetic ==
== NTL: Number theory C++ library ==

== OpenSSL: Secure networking ==

== PARI: Number theory calculator ==

== Singular: fast commutative and noncommutative algebra ==
Singular doesn't quite have a library mode yet. But it also includes various libraries.
== General Computer Algebra Problems ==

MSRI 2007 Parallel Computation Problem List

[:msri07/threadsafety: Thread Safety of the SAGE Libraries]

General Computer Algebra Problems

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