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* Chair: [:WilliamStein:William Stein] (University of Washington, Mathematics) * [:WilliamStein:William Stein] Chair (University of Washington, Mathematics)

* [:IftikharBurhanuddin: Iftikhar Burhanuddin] (University of Southern California, Computer Science)

* [http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~demmel/ James Demmel] (UC Berkeley, Mathematics and Computer Science)

* [http://homepage.mac.com/ehgoins/ Edray Goins] (Purdue University, Mathematics)

* [http://www.math.ncsu.edu/~kaltofen/index.html Erich Kaltofen] (North Carolina State University, Mathematics)

* [http://amath.colorado.edu/faculty/fperez/ Fernando Perez] (University of Colorado, Applied Math)

* [:WilliamStein:William Stein] Chair (University of Washington, Mathematics)

* [http://www.math.lsu.edu/~verrill/ Helena Verrill] (Lousianna State University, Mathematics)

* Joe Weening (CCR, Research)

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