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Describe msri07/hotel info here.


Quoting from the official MSRI webpage for the conference: http://www.msri.org/calendar/workshops/WorkshopInfo/410/show_workshop

"A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hotel Durant. Please mention the workshop name and reference the following code when making reservations via phone, fax or e-mail: P50000. The cut-off date for reservations is December 30, 2006.

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Rose Garden Inn. Reservations may be made by calling 1-800-992-9005 OR directly on their website. Click on Corporate at the bottom of the screen and when prompted enter code MATH (this code is not case sensitive). By using this code a new calendar will appear and will show MSRI rate on all room types available. The following Group Code should be entered in the "Comment" field when booking through our Website. Group Code = CGMS36. Please note: The Original Queen room type does not have an in-room T1 connection, but we do have WIFI available in our main lobby area. The cut-off date for reservations is December 28, 2006."

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