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import urllib2 as inet
from pylab import imshow
# Google Chart API: http://code.google.com/apis/chart
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    html('<div style="border:3px dashed;text-align:center;padding:50px 0 50px 0"><img src="%s"></div>'%url)     pretty_print(html('<div style="border:3px dashed;text-align:center;padding:50px 0 50px 0"><img src="%s"></div>'%url))

Sage Interactions - Web applications

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Warning: Web apps can break frequently due to websites or services changing locations or formats!

CO2 data plot, fetched from NOAA

by Marshall Hampton

One can do many things with scipy.stats. This only scratches the surface.


Arctic sea ice extent data plot, fetched from NSIDC

by Marshall Hampton


Pie Chart from the Google Chart API

by Harald Schilly


Stock Market data, fetched from Yahoo and Google FIXME

by William Stein

(Need to fix plotting warnings as well as some stocks give index errors (like bcc), and Python 3 changes, etc.)


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