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Line 9: Line 9:
{{{#!sagecell#!sagecell {{{#!sagecell
Line 11: Line 11:
from math import cos,sin
Line 13: Line 12:
    from math import cos, sin
Line 107: Line 107:
        print "Bug selecting plot?"         print("Bug selecting plot?")
Line 111: Line 111:
    html('<h2>%s</h2>'%example)     pretty_print(html('<h2>%s</h2>'%example))
Line 113: Line 113:
        html('<h3><a target="_new" href="%s">%s</a></h3>'%(url,url))
    show(P, viewer='tachyon' if tachyon else 'jmol', frame=frame)
        pretty_print(html('<h3><a target="_new" href="%s">%s</a></h3>'%(url,url)))
    show(P, viewer='tachyon' if tachyon else 'threejs', frame=frame)
Line 145: Line 145:
         viewer='tachyon' if tachyon else 'jmol',          viewer='tachyon' if tachyon else 'threejs',
Line 163: Line 163:

def _(band_number = selector(range(1,5)), current_color = Color('red')):

def _(band_number = selector(range(1,5)), current_color = Color('red'), auto_update=False):
Line 178: Line 177:
def color_experimenter(expression=input_box('', 'Expression', str), color=Color('red')): def color_experimenter(expression=input_box('x^2', 'Expression', str), color=Color('red')):
Line 183: Line 182:
            print "There's a problem with your expression."             print("There's a problem with your expression.")
        print("Be sure to enter a plottable expression")
Line 191: Line 192:
    print '<html><p style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;color:#000"><span style="color:red;font-weight:bold">Error</span>: %s</p></html>' % msg     pretty_print(html('<p style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;color:#000"><span style="color:red;font-weight:bold">Error</span>: %s</p>' % msg))
Line 199: Line 200:
            print error_msg('This is not an expression.')             print(error_msg('This is not an expression.'))
Line 204: Line 205:
                    print "var('%s')\nplot(%s).show(%s%s%s)" % (expression.variables()[0], repr(expression), 'aspect_ratio=1' if square else '', ', ' if square and not axes else '', 'axes=False' if not axes else '')                     print("var('%s')\nplot(%s).show(%s%s%s)" % (expression.variables()[0], repr(expression), 'aspect_ratio=1' if square else '', ', ' if square and not axes else '', 'axes=False' if not axes else ''))
Line 210: Line 211:
                    print "var('%s')\nplot(%s)" % (expression.variables()[0], repr(expression))                     print("var('%s')\nplot(%s)" % (expression.variables()[0], repr(expression)))
Line 213: Line 214:
            print error_msg('This expression has more than one variable.')             print(error_msg('This expression has more than one variable.'))
Line 216: Line 217:
            print error_msg("This expression contains an unknown function.")             print(error_msg("This expression contains an unknown function."))
Line 252: Line 253:
html('<h1><center>Spirograph</center></h1>') pretty_print(html('<h1><center>Spirograph</center></h1>'))
Line 274: Line 275:
    if h=='hypotrochoid' and (b>=1 or b<=0):
        print "In a hypotrochoid, radius must be between 0 and 1."
    if h=='epitrochoid' and b<=0:
        print "In a epitrochoid, radius must be positive"
    if h == 'hypotrochoid' and (b >= 1 or b <= 0):
        print("In a hypotrochoid, radius must be between 0 and 1.")
        draw = False
    if h == 'epitrochoid' and b <= 0:
        print("In a epitrochoid, radius must be positive")

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