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=== Generic Constructor ===
 * Create a graph with n nodes and no edges (sparse and dense, if supported)

=== Edge Storage ===
 * Fill in and then delete all edges one by one (sparse and dense, if supported)

=== Specific Constructors ===
 * Create a complete graph on n nodes
 * Create a complete bipartite graph on n nodes
 * Create a cycle on n nodes

=== Basic Algorithms ===
=== Algorithms ===



The SAGE [http://sage.math.washington.edu:9001/graph Graph Theory Project] aims to implement Graph objects and algorithms in ["SAGE"].

The main people working on this project are Emily Kirkman, Robert Miller and Bobby Moretti.

We will post results here as we get them. And as always, we love feedback!

Initial Benchmarks

  • Our initial tests are designed to compare the constructions and very basic functionality found in our [http://sage.math.washington.edu:9001/graph_survey survey of existing software]. At this stage in the game, we are testing to find the best way to construct graph objects in ["SAGE"]. For the first round of benchmarking we will only consider simple undirected graphs, and we will be comparing MAGMA, Mathematica (with Combinatorica), Maple, NetworkX, GRAPE, and nauty.


  • From a given database of graphs (sparse and dense), we will compute
  • Connectivity
  • Diameter
  • Girth
  • Chromatic number

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