Sage Developer Days 1 (aka Sage Days 8.5)

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Groups: Cython, Exact Linear Algebra, Parallel Computation, and Porting Sage to Microsoft Windows


||Friday, June 13|| 11am talk by Martin Albrecht || 4pm status reports ||

Saturday, June 14

11am talk by Dan Gindikin

4pm status reports

7pm party at Glenn Tarbox's house

||Sunday, June 15|| 11am talk by Glenn Tarbox || 5pm status reports || ||Monday, June 16|| 11am talk by Rob Beezer|| 5pm status reports || ||Tuesday, June 17|| 11am talk by Arne Storjohann|| 5pm status reports || ||Wednesday, June 18|| 11am talk by Michael Abshoff|| 5pm status reports || ||Thursday, June 19|| 11am talk by Mike Hansen|| 5pm status reports || ||Friday, June 20|| 11am talk by ?? || 1pm-3pm final wrap session ||


Colloquium Talks

ORGANIZERS: Robert Bradshaw, William Stein and Tom Boothby

DATES: June 13-20, 2008

LOCATION: Seattle, Washington -- Mechanical Engineering 208

The goal of this "developer coding week" will be to write a huge amount of high quality code. All talks will be squarely aimed at developers and be directly related to coding projects. All participants will assumed to be experienced programmers. The main topics will be: Cython, Exact Linear Algebra, Parallel Computation, and Porting Sage to Windows. However, like with all of Sage development, participants are encouraged to work on whatever they feel will be the most productive way for them to spend their time.

Anybody can participate, but funding will be aimed primarily at people who have demonstrated a substantial ability to contribute to the Sage project. (This is not a general Sage statement -- it's just for this workshop.)

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Main Topics

Hotel information

I have already pre-paid for a bunch of rooms at the Collegiana, so many of you can stay there: [:/roommates: Roommate list]

    The Collegiana Inn
    4311 - 12th Ave. NE
    Seattle, WA 98105
    (206) 732-3200

Back during SD2, William recommend the Seattle University Travelodge:

They have free wifi, are very conveniently located. Their rates are also reasonable. The College Inn ( is also a good choice.

There are some other options here:

NOTE: UW's commencement is June 14th, so many hotels are already booked solid for the weekend and/or unusually expensive for the 13th and 14th.