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Stuff I have done/been working on during Sage Dev 1

LinBox 1.1.6 rc0

  • tried several ways of getting rid of gmp++ (required for debianization). ==> rely on Givaro's

  • integrated Sage's linbox_wrap interface in the LinBox library

  • fixing bugs in LinBox and Givaro,...

  • testing phase -> integration in sage-3.0.4

Dense Linear Algebra over GF(2)

* Design of the Matrix Multiply based Echelon decomposition

  • learned a lot on the design and tricks of M4RI
  • already done
    • TSRM,
    • generalization of matrix windows and algorithms working on them, to any dimensions
    • LQUP (close to done
  • Still to be done
    • extensive testing of some routines
    • trtri (triangular inversion)
    • trtrm (triangular triangular matmul)

Algorithms for matrices overs Z and Zp[X]

  • Theory: discussions and new insights with A Storjohann (computing Smith form transformation matrices)
  • practice: new libraries


  • parallel ATLAS and fflas-ffpack: 70 Gffops
  • lobbying for introduction of Tbops for benchmark**ing M4RI -> 1.2Tbops

Playing with words

  • some nicer prononciations for weird acronyms: M4RI and eMPIRe

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