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 * Gebhard Boeckle: "For me some time between May 17 to June 5 would be good. [I give a lecture series in Barcelona form June 14-June 25, so June 5 is the very latest, the activity in Seattle would need to end.]"  * Gebhard Boeckle
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 * M. L. Brown: "I would very happy to participate in the seminar whenever it may be and am very pleased to be asked."  * M. L. Brown
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 * Ralf Butenuth: "For me, anything between May 8 and June 13 is perfect."

 * Brian Conrey: "I am potentially interested in the workshop; summer is pretty busy for me, but in any event I would be pretty far removed from the core group, so my schedule is irrelevant."
 * Ralf Butenuth
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 * Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler [?]: "Let me give a crude approximation of what is possible for me. During the time in question, I have courses on Wednesday and Friday. Skipping one date (e.g. a Friday), I could arrive on Thursday evening, and had to leave Monday evening. Alternatively, skipping a Wednesday session, I could arrive on Saturday evening and had to leave on Wednesday evening. This takes into account the respective time shifts of 9 hours. But still I have to be aware of the time needed to connect the airport (2 1/2 hours of travel in Germany, perhaps 1h in Seattle?) and to pass the airport controls (at least 2h because of current events). So it will be quite narrow in any case. If you agreed with this rather restricted schedule from my side, I would prefer to skip my lecture of Friday June 4, so that I could attend the workshop from (roughly) Thursday June 3, late afternoon or evening, to Monday June 7, afternoon."  * Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler
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 * Kiran Kedlaya: "The one week I might be able to make it is June 7-11. Not that I can guarantee my attendance if you do schedule it that week, but at least I'm interested and I don't have an apparent conflict like I do with the weeks around it."

 * Steven J Miller: "I am interested whenever it may be. Our finals end on May 24, graduation is June 5-6; however, I can find someone to cover for me if needed."
 * Steven J Miller
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 * Doug Ulmer: "May is pretty open for me, the best dates being roughly 5/10-21. Earlier is possible. It gets much more complicated after that and impossible after Memorial Day."  * Doug Ulmer
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 * Felipe Voloch: "I'm currently free May-June and August-December 2010."  * Felipe Voloch

Sage Days 21: Function Fields

Organizers: William Stein, Chris Hall, Craig Citro, Salman Baig

Location: The Shuey House, Seattle, WA

Dates: May 17 - 21, 2010 (check in on May 16th, check out on May 22nd)

Tentative Participants

  • Salman Baig
  • Gebhard Boeckle
  • M. L. Brown
  • Ralf Butenuth
  • Craig Citro
  • Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler
  • Chris Hall
  • Steven J Miller
  • William Stein
  • Doug Ulmer
  • Felipe Voloch

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