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Organizers: William Stein, Chris Hall, Craig Citro, Salman Baig

Sage Days 21: Function Fields

Organizers: William Stein, Chris Hall, Craig Citro, Salman Baig

Location: Seattle, WA

Time: TBD

Tentative Participants

  • Salman Baig
  • Gebhard Boeckle: "For me some time between May 17 to June 5 would be good. [I give a lecture series in Barcelona form June 14-June 25, so June 5 is the very latest, the activity in Seattle would need to end.]"
  • Craig Citro
  • Chris Hall
  • Kiran Kedlaya: "The one week I might be able to make it is June 7-11. Not that I can guarantee my attendance if you do schedule it that week, but at least I'm interested and I don't have an apparent conflict like I do with the weeks around it."
  • Steven J Miller: "I am interested whenever it may be. Our finals end on May 24, graduation is June 5-6; however, I can find someone to cover for me if needed."
  • William Stein
  • Doug Ulmer: "May is pretty open for me, the best dates being roughly 5/10-21. Earlier is possible. It gets much more complicated after that and impossible after Memorial Day."
  • Felipe Voloch: "I'm currently free May-June and August-December 2010."

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