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 * Simon King (?)  * Simon King (to be confirmed)
 * Julian Pfeifle (to be confirmed)

Sage Days 84 : Polytopes in Sage

February 27th - March 12th 2017 Probably Olot, Spain

These (Sage) days will be focused on:

  • the development of interfaces to polytope libraries/softwares (ppl, polymake, etc)
  • moving as independent Python packages the Sage interfaces to cdd, ppl, etc (see e.g. pplpy)

  • generic number field implementation in C/C++ using normaliz
  • mutable polytopes in Sage
  • and more!

This workshop is dedicated to people already familiar to Sage or being active in some polytope related libraries/softwares.

There is a very limited number of places. If you are interested get quickly in contact with Vincent Delecroix (vincentDOTdelecroixATuDASHbordeaux.fr).

During the workshop participants will have to cook several times for everybody. Bring your favorite recipies!


  • Vincent Delecroix is a researcher in ergodic theory, geometry and combinatorics on words.

  • Marc Masdeu
  • Jean-Philippe Labbé
  • Matthias Köppe
  • Moritz Firsching
  • Simon King (to be confirmed)
  • Julian Pfeifle (to be confirmed)

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