Sage Days 82 : Women in Sage (2017)

January 9 - 13, 2017 Paris area, France

Official French title and pun: Les SageMath Femmes

These Sage days are a special event for women who develop in SageMath or wish to learn Sage. They will include introduction presentations, self training, and teamwork on specific projects.

This event is fully funded by the OpenDreamKit project.


Viviane Pons is a researcher in combinatorics and a Maître de conférences (associate professor) in Paris-Sud University (Orsay). She is part of the OpenDreamKit project and has been using and contributing to Sage since 2010.

Jennifer Balakrishnan...

Jessica Striker's research is in combinatorics, with connections to algebra, geometry, and physics. She is an assistant professor at North Dakota State University and has been contributing to Sage since 2013.


Lodging and food will be provided for all participants, transportation is NOT provided.

The workshop will take place in a rented house in Paris area. More information to come.


Due to the conditions of the workshop, the size of the event is limited. We ask every potential participant to send an application. Applications are due October 31, a response will be sent in early November or even earlier if the number of applications is limited.

Once an application is accepted, then all local costs (food and lodging) will be taken care of by the conference. Transportation stays at the charge of the participant.

Please send your application to [email protected] including

Name, institution, professional situation (student, postdoc, professor, etc.)

Previous programming experience: describe your programming experience either with Sage or any other language. Please note that previous experience is not necessary to participate to the event!

Mathematical / Sage project: If you have a specific project in mind to work on during the week, please describe it. Otherwise, tell us what part of Sage you are interested in and what kind of mathematics you do. Remark: a same project can be shared by many participants, if you share your project with another applicant, please say so.

Motivation: please explain what motivates you to participate to this event.

Reference letter: if you are a student, please attach a reference letter.