Sage Days 82 : Women in Sage (2017)

January 9 - 13, 2017 Paris area, France

Official French title and pun: Les SageMath Femmes

These Sage days are a special event for women* who develop in SageMath or wish to learn Sage. They will include introduction presentations, self training, and teamwork on specific projects.

This event is fully funded by the OpenDreamKit project.

*The application / invitation process is limited to women, nevertheless all activities of the workshop will be public and open to every one.


Viviane Pons is a researcher in combinatorics and a Maître de conférences (associate professor) in Paris-Sud University (Orsay). She is part of the OpenDreamKit project and has been using and contributing to Sage since 2010.

Jennifer Balakrishnan works in number theory and arithmetic geometry. She is the Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor at Boston University. She has been using and contributing to Sage since 2006.

Jessica Striker's research is in combinatorics, with connections to algebra, geometry, and physics. She is an assistant professor at North Dakota State University and has been contributing to Sage since 2013.


The workshop is mostly organized at a rented house in Ris-Orangis (Paris area, RER D):

19 bis avenue des Marronniers - 91130 RIS-ORANGIS

Monday morning, we will be at Institut Henri Poincarré in Paris.


Applications are now closed, The house is full! Never the less, even though we cannot provide more lodging, you are free to join us during the day. Please let us know by sending an email to: [email protected] .


Monday 01/09

Tuesday 01/10

Wednesday 01/11

Thursday 01/12

Friday 01/13


Sage introduction workshop

Short presentations
from participants



Leaving the house


Back to the house
Short presentations
from participants




Coding Cafe with Pyladies
(Paris, location TBA)



Combinatorics of words

Lama: Christoffel words, Stern-Brocot tree, Continued fraction, Balanced words.

Manon: Pascal triangles, k-regular sequences, abstract numeration systems, Cobham's theorems.

Discrete Geometry

Eleni: polytopes, Minkowski sum, Minkowski decomposition, hyperplane arrangements

Algebraic combinatorics

Judith: combinatorial representation theory, special orthogonal group, vacillating tableaux, branching rules

Emily: Cluster algebras, Laurent Phenomenon algebras, algebraic combinatorics, frieze pattern

Rachel: positroids, cluster algebras, flag varieties, networks

Justine: Permutation groups, profile, age algebra, relational structures

Viviane: Weak order, Tamari lattice, posets

Abstract Algebra

Mary: Quantum Shuffle Algebra, KLR Algebra, PBW Bases

Perfect Simulation

Christelle: Markov chains, queueing networks, perfect simulation

Number Theory

Anna: Schottky problem, Sato-Tate conjecture

Turku Ozlum: geometry, algebra, cryptography

Arithmetic geometry

Elisa: Low genus curves, curves invariants, jacobians curves.


Sorina Ionica: curve-based cryptography, number theory, algorithms

Cryptanalysis of block ciphers

Ekaterina: solving nonlinear systems of equations, SAT solving, algebraic cryptanalysis

Evgeniya: Block cipher, cryptanalysis, secret key, parallel computations


Invariant of curves

Anna, Elisa, Sorina

Kummer surface

Turku Ozlum

Sage Package for Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier (KLR) algebras


Snake graph cluster algebra