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 * [:/matrixdensenumpy: Create a Matrix_numpy_dense class in Sage]  * [[/matrixdensenumpy| Create a Matrix_numpy_dense class in Sage]]

 * [[/numpyosx64| Get NumPy, SciPy & MatplotLib to build on 64-bit OS X]]

 * [[/hnf2| Further optimize the implementation of Hermite Normal Form in Sage]]

 * [[/mpznumpy| Create a prototype fast numpy matrix with mpz_t (GMP) entries]]

 * weave cataloging mechanism for sharing with Sage %fortran, %cython, gpu kernels...

 * making sage dtypes for better integration into numpy arrays

 * [[/manipulate| Create manipulate functionality for notebook inspired by Traits and Mathematica]]

 * Code inlining tools to be shared between Sage and Scipy.

 * _fast_float_ / numexpr

 * Cython/weave, learn about the Cython/C++ bridge.

 * Fix %timeit, %prun to respect preparser (in Ipython).

 * Sage spkg for traits, chaco, etc.

Sage Days 8 Coding Sprints

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