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To be announced  * '''Travis Scrimshaw''' on ''TBA''
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 * Vincent Delecroix (Université de Bordeaux, France)

Sage Days 79 - November 21 -- November 24, 2016, Jerusalem

Sage Days on Combinatorics

Jerusalem, Israel

This Sage Days is the first one organized in Israel. The aim of the meeting will be to introduce the software to students and mathematicians in the region, with further emphasis on (but not limited to) combinatorics and discrete geometry. It will be a great occasion to learn more about the software and for advanced developers to present and improve current tools.

Organizers: Jean-Philippe Labbé.

Dates and Venue

Date: 4 days From November 21 to November 24, 2016

The Friday will be reserved for discussion and coding sprints.

Venue: Jerusalem (more details to come)


Please send the following form to Jean-Philippe Labbé



Date of Arrival:

Date of departure:

What are your interests in Sage (including coding projects)? What would you like to learn about Sage?:

Do you need financial support for transportation and/or lodging?

Do you wish to give a talk or present a tutorial?

A talk can be on anything related to mathematical development (it does not have to be Sage) If you have some Sage experience, please consider giving a tutorial


The program will include introduction tutorials to Sage and combinatorics in Sage. The meeting will include scientific talks and there will also be time for code sprints.

Detailed schedule to be announced.


  • Travis Scrimshaw on TBA


  • Jean-Philippe Labbé (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
  • Klaus Dohmen (Hochschule Mittweida, University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
  • Malka Schaps (Bar-Ilan University, Bar-Ilan, Israel)
  • Tomer Bauer (Bar-Ilan University, Bar-Ilan, Israel)
  • Mee Seong Im (United States Military Academy, NY)
  • Travis Scrimshaw (University of Minnesota, USA)
  • Vincent Delecroix (Université de Bordeaux, France)

Lodging, funding, and other practical informations

There will be some limited funding available: more information to come.

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