Brainstorm on live structured documents

See also the report for D4.2: Active/Structured Documents Requirements and existing Solutions for a comparison of Jupyter notebooks and active documents.

Potential approaches

Jupyter notebook export facility for Sphinx

Embedding Jupyter notebooks inside Sphinx documents

Thebe (by Oreilly)

Javascript library for embedding live cells connected to a Jupyter kernel in any html page.

Live documentation for Sage with Sphinx and Thebe

This was implemented by Florent Cayré and Nicolas Thiéry at and after the Sage Days in See for a follow up.


MathBookXML is an infrastructure for authoring large documents, in XML formats, with export to latex, html, Sage, SMC, Jupyter notebook. We enjoyed a remote presentation by its main author Robert Beezer.

Example of book: Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications, Tom Judson

Nice features

Someone wrote a latex to XML translator to be able to author in latex.

MathBook XML resources

Site: DTD:

Potential for collaborations: