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 * Referee David Roe's patch  * Referee David Roe's patch ([:p-adics:discussion page])

Sage Days 7 coding sprints

Back to the [:days7: main conference page].

  • Canonical labeling for things other than graphs.
    • Robert Miller (chair), Nicolas Thiery, Pete Jipsen, Stephen Hartke
  • Edge labeled graph isomorphism
    • Robert Miller
  • Crystals / Graph Visualization
    • Mike Hansen, Justin Walker, Dan Bump, Nicolas Thiery, Anne Schilling (chair), Kiran Kedlaya, Tom Boothby
  • Xin's partial fraction algorithm
    • Mike Hansen, Gregg Musiker (chair), Jason Bandlow, Nicolas Thiery, Alyson Deines, Alex Ghitza
  • Guessing generating functions (like gfun, maple, ...)
    • Nicolas Thiery (chair), Mike Hansen, Alex Ghitza
  • Graph Databases
    • Emily Kirkman (chair), Jason Grout, Pete Jipsen
  • Other Databases
    • Pete Jipsen, Robert Miller (chair), Emily Kirkman, Andrey Novoseltsev (leaves Thurs), Mike Abshoff
  • Embedding Graphs on Surfaces (see talk Weds!!)
    • Emily Kirkman (chair), Tom Boothby, Robert Miller
  • Documentation
    • David Roe (p-adics), Mike Hansen, Mike Abshoff (packaging, workflow), Craig Citro, Robert Bradshaw, Nick Alexander, Jake Mitchell, Alyson Deines, Alex Ghitza
  • Lattices and embeddings
    • Stephanie Vance (chair) (until Thursday), Craig Citro (number-field related), David Roe, Mike Hansen, Nicolas Thiery, Alex Ghitza
  • Linear Algebra -- Hermite Normal Form
    • Clement Pernet (chair), Craig Citro (Jordan & Rational forms), William Stein, Nicolas Thiery (relating to combinatorics), Franco Saliola, Gregg Musiker -- Smith normal form with rational function entries (think symbolic), Justin Walker

  • Debian Packaging
    • Mike Abshoff, Tim Abbott, Franco Saliola
  • Referee David Roe's patch ([:p-adics:discussion page])
    • Robert Bradshaw (chair), Kiran Kedlaya, Jen Balakrishnan, David Roe, Craig Citro
  • 3D graphics for polytopes and profiling
    • Andrey Novoseltsev (chair)
  • Profiling, making cython -a easier to use (?)
    • Robert Bradshaw, Craig Citro, Andrey Novoseltsev
  • Interfacing a C/C++ library to Sage via Cython
    • Mike Hansen, Stephen Hartke, Robert Bradshaw, David Roe, Clement Pernet, Robert Miller, Andrey Novoseltsev, Tom Boothby, Nicolas Thiery, Craig Citro, Emily Kirkman, Tim Abbott
  • How close is Sage to ready to use as a tool for a grad/undergrad combinatorics course? (Weds)
    • Iftikhar Burhanuddin (chair), Nicolas Thiery, Jason Bandlow, Jake Mitchell, Stephen Hartke, Alex Ghitza
  • Tableaux package cleanup
    • Jason Bandlow, Gregg Musiker, Mike Hansen, Francois Descouens, Nicolas Thiery
  • CombinatorialClass LEGO

    • Nicolas Thiery, Franco Saliola, Andrey Novoseltsev, Mike Hansen, Jason Bandlow, Jake Mitchell
  • John Stembridge's POSETS package
    • Franco Saliola, Pete Jipsen, Mike Hansen, David Roe
  • Sage testing system (parallel testings, REGRESSION TESTING, removing extra "sage.:", etc)

    • Nick Alexander, Mike Hansen, Mike Abshoff, Robert Miller, Tim Abbott
    • Nick Alexander is working on some system independent patches that will make it easier to integrate with nose, etc. See him before doing major work.
  • Hierarchy of Hopf algebras, tensor products
    • Mike Hansen, Robert Miller, Nicolas Thiery, David Roe, Robert Bradshaw
  • Hierarchy for combinatorial classes (several)
    • Nicolas Thiery, Mike Hansen, Jason Bandlow
  • Symmetrica build issues
    • Mike Abshoff, Mike Hansen
  • coercion -- work on leftovers from SD6
    • David Roe, Robert Bradshaw, Nicolas Thiery, Tim Abbott
  • Coleman integration
    • Kiran Kedlaya, Robert Bradshaw, Jen Balakrishnan, David Roe
  • more cpdef
    • Robert Miller, Robert Bradshaw, Tim Abbott
  • 2D pretty printing for combinatorial stuff (tableaux, etc)
    • Mike Hansen, Nicolas Thiery

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