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 1044 Tiverton Avenue

 Los Angeles, CA 90024


 http://www.claremonthotel.net/ [[BR]]
 1044 Tiverton Avenue [[BR]]
 Los Angeles, CA 90024 [[BR]]
 800-266-5957 [[BR]]
 310-208-5957 [[BR]]
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 1052 Tiverton Ave.
 Los Angeles, CA 90024
 (310) 208-6677
 http://www.royalpalacewestwood.com/ [[BR]]
 1052 Tiverton Ave. [[BR]]
 Los Angeles, CA 90024 [[BR]]
 (310) 208-6677 [[BR]]
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 900 Tiverton Ave.
 Los Angeles, CA. 90024-3013
 (310) 794-0151
 http://www.tivertonhouse.ucla.edu/ [[BR]]
 900 Tiverton Ave. [[BR]]
 Los Angeles, CA. 90024-3013 [[BR]]
 (310) 794-0151 [[BR]]

General Info

  • You should make your own reservations by calling the hotel directly. You'll get to fill out the reimbursement paperwork at SD7.
  • If you're planning on sharing a room, you should find a roommate. [:days7/roommates: Here] is a roommate matching page.

Staying 2-3 nights?

The hotel of choice is the UCLA Guest House. It's supposed to be nice, with an excellent location. Apparently the UCLA Business School blocks off the entire place for every Friday night during the academic year, so often IPAM doesn't have much luck with rooms there. Here's the info:

UCLA Guest House Charles E. Young Drive East Los Angeles, CA 90095 310-825-2923 310-825-6108 (fax) Email: [email protected] Free shuttle service around campus. Complimentary continental breakfast & espresso bar. Limited on-site parking.

If you call and can't get a reservation, please email [email protected] and let us know, so that we can update this with a different first choice for hotel.

Staying 5 nights?

Now on to the specific hotels in the area. We have reserved a block of rooms at Hilgard House, where we have 11 double rooms and 4 single rooms. This is an excellent choice for anyone staying for the entirety of the conference. You should say that you're with IPAM. (If that doesn't work, e-mail us and let us know.) Here's the info on the hotel:

Hilgard House Hotel http://www.hilgardhouse.com/ 927 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-208-3945 Email: [email protected] Within walking distance to IPAM. Free parking & continental breakfast.

If you call and can't get a reservation, please email [email protected] and let us know, so that we can update this with a different first choice for hotel.

Those didn't work out?

If you tried to make a reservation at either of those, and it didn't work out, here's a list of other hotels in the area. If you tried one of those and it didn't work, please email [email protected] and let us know, so that we can update this page.

  • Claremont Hotel

    http://www.claremonthotel.net/ BR 1044 Tiverton Avenue BR Los Angeles, CA 90024 BR 800-266-5957 BR 310-208-5957 BR Within walking distance of campus. No TVs in rooms. Coffee room available (complimentary coffee & tea, wireless internet, and the use of refrigerator & microwave oven).

  • Royal Palace Westwood

    http://www.royalpalacewestwood.com/ BR 1052 Tiverton Ave. BR Los Angeles, CA 90024 BR (310) 208-6677 BR Rates from $100/night and up (ask for the UCLA 10% discount). Walk to UCLA. Complimentary deluxe continental breakfast. Free parking & high speed internet.

  • UCLA Tiverton House

    http://www.tivertonhouse.ucla.edu/ BR 900 Tiverton Ave. BR Los Angeles, CA. 90024-3013 BR (310) 794-0151 BR Rates from $120/night and up. Walk to UCLA. Complimentary continental breakfast. Free internet access and parking.

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