SAGE Days 6: Cryptology, Number theory, and Arithmetic Geometry

The 6th SAGE days 2007 will be held the November 10-14, 2007 in Bristol, UK at The Bristol webpage about SAGE Days 6 is here:


Registration will take place on Friday 9 November, at 3.00-5.00pm in Royal Fort House (Dining Room) [see map below] which is adjacent to the maths block. Tea will be served at 4.00pm. Conference packs will also be available for collection on Saturday, in the main maths block.

See [ this map]: RF House (& annexe) is 30; Mathematics (for lectures) is 29; Marriott Hotel is just to the right of the cathedral on college green


A first provisional schedule is available at [:days6/talks:].


Confirmed Participants

(As of 2007-10-25)

Note you must register via the Bristol webpage linked above if you are not an invited participant to allow the Heilbronn institute to organize the event.


See [:days6/directions:].