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 * [[http://www.math.ucsd.edu/~alina/|Alina Bucur]] (UC San Diego)
 * Beth Malmskog (Villanova University)'''Solving S-unit Equations in Sage'''
[[http://people.oregonstate.edu/~swisherh/home/|Holly Swisher]] (Oregon State University)
 * '''Le coefficients for L-functions''' [[http://www.math.ucsd.edu/~alina/|Alina Bucur]] (UC San Diego)
 * '''Solving S-unit Equations in Sage''Beth Malmskog (Villanova University)'
 * '''Modular Forms Tune
-Up''' [[http://people.oregonstate.edu/~swisherh/home/|Holly Swisher]] (Oregon State University)

Sage Days 62: Women in Sage 5

Sage is a mathematics software package, developed by and for the mathematical community. It aims to become a viable alternative to commercial software packages on the basis of an open-source model.

This 4-day workshop will include talks, tutorials, and time spent in small project groups developing Sage code. We will focus on various aspects of computational number theory with the dual goals of enhancing the Sage library, and increasing the number of women in the community of Sage developers.

Online applications due May 23rd. Apply Here. Participants will receive lodging and most meals as well as limited funding for travel.



  • Le coefficients for L-functions Alina Bucur (UC San Diego)

  • Solving S-unit Equations in SageBeth Malmskog (Villanova University)'

  • Modular Forms Tune-Up Holly Swisher (Oregon State University)


Monday: Check-in late afternoon

Tuesday: TBD

Wednesday: TBD

Thursday: TBD

Friday: Check-out late morning


Getting Started

Other Info

  • Organizers: Anna Haensch (MPIM/Duquesne), Lola Thompson (Oberlin)

  • Funding: Microsoft Research (via Kristin Lauter) and The Beatrice Yormark Fund for Women in Mathematics

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