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The [:/sched: Workshop Schedule is here]. The [:/sched: Workshop Schedule is here], with slides and '''video''' from many of the talks.

SAGE Days 5

The 5th SAGE days 2007 will be at the Clay Math Institute Sept 30 -- Oct 3, 2007. It will be focused on computational arithmetic geometry.

The [:/sched: Workshop Schedule is here], with slides and video from many of the talks.

The official Clay Mathematics Institute page on this workshop is here: http://www.claymath.org/workshops/cag/

There is also a mailing list for organizing the talks, sprints, etc.: Please email David Harvey ([email protected]) to be added to the list.

The talks will be recorded on video and made available online.

The workshop will end by 2:30pm on October 3 (Mark Watkins is giving a talk at the Harvard number theory seminar at 3:00, and everybody is invited.)


  • Jim Carlson
  • David Harvey
  • Kiran Kedlaya, kedlaya (at) mit (dot) edu
  • William Stein, [email protected]

Coding Sprints

[http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7507858133889751200&hl=en A moment in Harvard Square (Google Video)]

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