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 * Franco Saliola
 * Mathieu Guay-Paquet

Sage Days: Sage Developer Days

November 4–8, 2013, University of California Davis, USA

The aim of this workshop is for developers to learn the new git workflow, and to try and integrate the combinat queue into git. This workshop will not include beginner topics or introduction talks, but instead assume participants are familiar with Sage development.


Registration is free. There is limited funding for travel and lodging.

Please contact Anne Schilling (anne at math.ucdavis dot edu) or Travis Scrimshaw (tscrim at ucdavis dot edu) to register. Please indicate if you require funding.


Coming soon.


The general topics that will be addressed at this workshop are the following:

  • Discussion of the new Sage workflow using git.
  • Work on how to integrate the combinat queue into the new workflow.
  • General bug fixes.

Here are some useful links:


University of California Davis

Participants (first tentative)

  • Dan Bump
  • Andrew Ohana
  • Volker Braun
  • Nate Gallup
  • Viviane Pons
  • Darij Grinberg
  • Tom Roby
  • Franco Saliola
  • Mathieu Guay-Paquet


  • Dan Bump, Stanford
  • Anne Schilling, UC Davis
  • Travis Scrimshaw, UC Davis

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