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  • Henry Cohn:
    • - I hate the E.conductor(). I would like conductor(E). - Make it so SAGE can open any format file. MATLAB can do.
      • Load a jpeg; fancy demos.
      - Want SAGE to be able to text message you when a
      • computation fixes.
      - Databases of math objects:
      • - should have 50 times as many - easy for random people to submit - e.g., I use Magma just for sloane's lattice tables,
        • which are built in.
        - refereed: people sign off on a database. - personal databases
      - Specific math that should be more developed:
      • - Optimization:
        • conj grad
        • newton
        • grad descent
        - Numerical computation of f'(x) in an *intelligent* way. - Give easy black boxes for clueless people but well
        • labeled boxes for other people.
        - Linear programing:
        • the best free ones are all mediocre,
          • so I have to use CPLEX (?). $10-20K/cpu/year.
        • But we could do exact, arbitrary precision, and double
          • precision LP solver that could do tons of comptuations with doubles without too much overhead.
        - Semidefinite programming:
        • nothing arbitrary precision available
        • implement a descent but not so super-good arbitrary precision
          • would be good.
        - Automorphism groups:
        • nauty.
          • But I want edge-labeled graphs!! It would be tremendously useful to deal with edge-labeled (hyper) graphs.
        - Cellular automata:
        • make it easy for someone with no clue to get beautiful
          • visualizations of cellular automata.
        • fractals; julia sets
        - Analytic Riemann Surfaces:
        • explicit covering maps in terms of hypergeometric functions
        • Bernard Deconinck (from UW applied math) -- maple code
        - Lesson plans:
        • Publish class-room tested lecture plans that use
          • SAGE
        • Get undergrads to make lesson plans.
        • NSF GK-12: UW grad students involved in local community.
        - Publish idealogical articles in off-beat places
        • You don't have to rely on other people; you get to
          • easily change things.
        • Students can makes things arbitrarily more complicated.

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