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 * Nick Alexander
 * Tom Boothby
 * Ifti B.
 * Craig Citro (
first three days)
 * Timothy Clemans
 * Nick Alexander (UC Irvine grad student)
 * Tom Boothby (UW undergrad)
 * Ifti B. (UCLA postdoc)
 * Craig Citro (UCLA grad student;
first three days)
 * Timothy Clemans (Seattle High School Student)
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 * David Harvey
 * David Joyner
 * Kirsten Fagnan (UW, applied math)
 * David Harvey (Harvard)
 * David Joyner (US Naval Academy)
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 * Emily Kirkman
 * Robert Miller
 * Joel Mohler
 * Bobby Moretti
 * Emily Kirkman (UW undergrad)
 * Robert Miller (UW grad student)
 * Joel Mohler 
 * Bobby Moretti (UW undergrad)
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 * Yi Qiang
 * David Roe
 * William Stein
 * Gonzalo Tornaria
 * Yi Qiang (UW undergrad)
 * David Roe (Harvard grad student)
 * William Stein (UW faculty)
 * Gonzalo Tornaria (Uruguay in South America, faculty)

SAGE Days 4

The 4th SAGE days 2007 will be held the week of June 12-17, 2007 (a Tuesday through Sunday) in the Mathematics Department of the University of Washington in scenic Seattle.

The conference has been fully funded by the NSF UW/VIGRE and PIMS fund. Thanks NSF and PIMS!!

The focus will be on coding sprints, rather than talks on various SAGE-related topics. Namely, it is planned to be a developers workshop, with fewer general audience talks but plenty of opportunity to talk and work with others.



The following people have expressed interest so far. If you wish to attend and do not see your name, please contact the organizers.

  • Iyad Ajwa
  • Nick Alexander (UC Irvine grad student)
  • Tom Boothby (UW undergrad)
  • Ifti B. (UCLA postdoc)
  • Craig Citro (UCLA grad student; first three days)
  • Timothy Clemans (Seattle High School Student)
  • Didier Deshommes (first 3 days (11-14). If you'd like to split the cost of a room, please contact me)
  • Kirsten Fagnan (UW, applied math)
  • David Harvey (Harvard)
  • David Joyner (US Naval Academy)
  • Kiran Kedlaya (last day only, if at all)
  • Emily Kirkman (UW undergrad)
  • Robert Miller (UW grad student)
  • Joel Mohler
  • Bobby Moretti (UW undergrad)
  • Matteo Paganini
  • Yi Qiang (UW undergrad)
  • David Roe (Harvard grad student)
  • William Stein (UW faculty)
  • Gonzalo Tornaria (Uruguay in South America, faculty)

Local Information

Directions to Padelford Hall coming from the south via I-5 northbound: From I-5 northbound, take exit 168B (Bellevue/Kirkland) to State Route 520. Take the first exit off SR520; the sign will point to Montlake Boulevard NE. Turn left into Montlake Blvd. and continue north past Husky Stadium. Move over to the right and take the 3rd right after the Stadium. Park in lot E1. It will cost $ 4 (a machine takes ones and fives). Park your car and walk over the overpass and up the hill. Look for the math Dept using the campus map [http://www.washington.edu/home/maps/campusmappg.pdf campus map] (pdf) or [http://www.washington.edu/home/maps/northcentral.html?PDL Padelford Hall map].


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