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== Getting Started ==
 * [[http://wiki.sagemath.org/installing_sage|Installing Sage]]
 * [[http://wiki.sagemath.org/getting_a_trac_account|Getting a Trac Account]]
 * [[http://wiki.sagemath.org/development_basics|Development Basics]]
 * [[http://wiki.sagemath.org/problem_sets|Problem Sets]]

Sage Days 42: Women in Sage (3)

Sage is a mathematics software package, developed by and for the mathematics community. It aims to become a viable alternative to commercial software packages on the basis of an open-source model.

This will be a 4-day workshop which will include a combination of mathematical talks, tutorials, demonstrations of Sage functionality as well as time spent on Sage development. We will focus on various aspects of computational number theory with the goal of increasing the number of women developers.


  • July 15-19, 2012 near Seattle, Washington at Wallace Falls Lodge

  • Note: check-in at the Lodge is at 3pm on July 15; check-out is 11am on the 19th
  • Floorplan: floorplan.jpg (15 beds)


  • Jennifer Johnson-Leung (University of Idaho)
  • Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research)
  • Michelle Manes (University of Hawaii)


  • Alina Bucur
  • Sarah Chisholm
  • Hester Graves
  • Anna Haensch
  • Sorina Ionica
  • Adriana Salerno
  • Holly Swisher
  • Bianca Thompson
  • Stephanie Treneer
  • Christelle Vincent

Getting Started

Other Info

  • Organizers: Jennifer Balakrishnan (Harvard), Aly Deines (UW), Lola Thompson (Dartmouth)
  • Funding: Microsoft Research (via Kristin Lauter) and The Beatrice Yormark Fund for Women in Mathematics

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