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  * Robert's stomach: grrrrr
    * Robert: I'm sorry, stomach.

Stay up all night and post cracked out nonsense.

[:days4/projects/: Other SAGE Days 4 Project]


  • Emily: Be careful of the Dr. Pepper; there's still juice in that.
  • Robert: Dr. Pepper juice?
  • SAGE: Because hey, if you want to rm -rf your own hard drive, go for it! (R. Miller)
    • CRACKER: Yes I would be happy to do rm -rf on my own server in my own jail but rm -rf is not interesting anymore, since there are passwords to steal.
  • From the [http://www.serve.com/cmtan/buddhism/Stories/cucumber.html Cucumber Sage]: "The whole universe is pickled cucumber; a pickled cucumber is the whole universe!"

    • "A pickled cucumber is just a pickle..." (E. Kirkman)
  • SAGE: Way better than saffron, [http://www.florilegium.org/files/PLANTS/saffron-msg.html since]

"If a man do but open and ransack a bag of one hundredweight or two
hundredweight, as merchants do when they buy it, it will strike such an air
into their heads which deal withal that for a time they shall be giddy and
sick (I mean for two or three hours' space), their noses and eyes in like
sort will yeild such plenty of rheumatic water that they shall be the
better for it long after, especially their eyesight, which is wonderfully
clarified by this means; howbeit, some merchants, not liking of this
physic, muffle themselves as women do when they ride and put on spectacles
set in leather, which doth in some measure (but not for altogether) put by
the force thereof."
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  • sage.math is insane.
  • Robert's stomach: grrrrr
    • Robert: I'm sorry, stomach.


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