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  * SAGE: It will be just like MySpace. (W. Stien)   * SAGE: It will be just like !MySpace. (W. Stien)

Come up with more mottos for SAGE.

  • SAGE: Cooking the meal, not growing the herb. (W. Stein)
  • SAGE: It's more addictive than Wikipedia. (D. Harvey)
  • SAGE: Because Maxima doesn't have somebody like William
  • SAGE: It's just coercions. (W. Stein)
  • SQLite: Making it easy to select shit from shit where shit and foo. (T. Boothby)
  • SAGE: It will be just like MySpace. (W. Stien)

  • SAGE: It's wrapping the wheel. (R. Miller)
  • SAGE: It's putting chains on the tire instead of buying snow tires. (W. Stein)

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