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[:days4/projects/: Other SAGE Days 4 Project] [[days4/projects/| Other SAGE Days 4 Project]]


Other SAGE Days 4 Project

  • M Albrecht: Go through the wiki and clean it up, write more documentation, and check what content should be added to the documentation
  • Revise the guided tour part of the SAGE tutorial to much better reflect the symbolic calculus functionality, its pros, cons, etc.

  • W Stein: Documentation. Have teams describe how to do the following in tutorial fashion, with all examples automatically doctested:

    • Use SageX to create an interface to a C library (case study -- GMP-ECM).
    • Convert a program from .sage files to .py library code.
    • Convert a .py Python program to SageX for speed.
    • Create publication-quality graphics for inclusion in latex documents.
    • Port code from Magma to SAGE.
    • Make an existing PARI-GP / GAP / Singular / Lisp / Maxima program easily usable from SAGE.
    • (Bobby Moretti): How to create a ring or other structure object in SAGE, what class to inherit from, how to set the parent object, what methods to override in both python and SageX, etc.
  • W Stein: Continue to flesh out ideas for JSAGE -- the open source math software journal. I announced JSAGE at SD3, and it's been very interesting to see it start to take off. It's critical that we actually *write* some code to manage JSAGE, and figure out how to really do it right -- much more work is needed. In particular, a good way of dealing with code submissions from people that don't know much about SAGE development, but have awesome code and ideas to contribute.

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