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   * Progress report: @&#%!    * Progress report: After @&#%!, [http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/rlmill/leon-0.1.spkg Version 0.1] spkg!

Coding Theory

[:days4/projects/: Other SAGE Days 4 Project]

Robert Miller, Josh Kantor, Robert Bradshaw, David Joyner, Emily Kirkman

  • Leon's partition backtracking programs are almost ready for inclusion as a SAGE spkg. I'd like to have each of Leon's original command-line functions wrapped in the library I'm working on. A native group theory class will be much more feasible if these programs are all available.

  • Once Leon's library is finished, the DSage Doubly Even Codes class will not depend on magma at all, and will be suitable for inclusion to the SAGE library.

  • David Joyner: I'm also interested in coding theory and in particular Robert Miller's work on (now GPL'd) Leon's partition backtracking programs.

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