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 * Show splashscreen?
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  === Permissions ===
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=== Other Options ===
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== View Management ==
 * Enable/disable jsmath
 * Color/layout/css

Notebook Configuration Data

Global Server Settings

  • Auth mode (off or on). If off, none of the permissions options appear
  • Allowed hosts.
  • Default worksheet permissions (including whether a worksheet is globally visible by default).
  • Port on which to listen
  • Show splashscreen?

User Management

This is only valid for a user that has admin privileges.

  • Add/revoke admin privileges from other users
  • Add a user to a restriction group
  • Let the default system be a different system for a given user (Magma, Maxima, python, html, etc).

Individual Worksheet Management


  • Add/remove viewers
  • Add/remove collaborators (can these collaborators invite others?)
  • Publish (for now, this means "make the worksheet globally visible in real time")

Other Options

  • Set the system for this worksheet

View Management

  • Enable/disable jsmath
  • Color/layout/css

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