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 * Cleanup linear algebra over finite fields.

Sage Days 32: Bug Days


  • Aug 21-25, 2011 near Seattle, Washington at Wallace Falls Lodge (we booked the entire lodge, so you don't have to book a room)

  • Floorplan: floorplan.jpg (15 beds)

Mailing List


  1. Martin Albrecht (London)
  2. Jennifer Balakrishnan (MIT/Harvard)
  3. Rob Beezer (U of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA)

  4. Tom Boothby (Simon Frasier University)
  5. Volker Braun (Ireland)
  6. Alyson Deines (University of Washington)
  7. Maarten Derickx (Leiden, Holland)
  8. Marshall Hampton (Minnesota)
  9. Benjamin Jones (UW-Stout)
  10. Andrew Ohana (University of Washington)
  11. John Perry (University of Southern Mississippi)
  12. Julian Ruth (Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany)
  13. Simon Spicer (University of Washington)
  14. William Stein (University of Washington)


  • Fix lots of bugs
  • Get some sort of basic function fields code into Sage (since several people who care will be at the workshop).
  • Cleanup linear algebra over finite fields.

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