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Jen Balakrishnan, Aly Deines

Sage Days 32: Bug Days


  • Aug 21-25, 2011 near Seattle, Washington at Wallace Falls Lodge (we booked the entire lodge, so you don't have to book a room)

  • Check in time is 3pm on Sunday August 21 and checkout is at 11am on Thur Aug 25. If for some reason you want to extend your dates, let me know.
  • Floorplan: floorplan.jpg (15 beds) and preliminary room assignments

Mailing List


  1. Martin Albrecht (London), arriving 4:35PM at SEATAC, shares ride with Volker Braun and Maarten Derickx
  2. Jennifer Balakrishnan (MIT/Harvard)
  3. Rob Beezer (U of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA) (transport: 3 open seats in car, driving from Tacoma, going right past Sea-Tac Sunday afternoon, may run quick errand in central Seattle on the way, returning Thursday morning after breakfast, same route)

  4. Tom Boothby (Simon Frasier University)
  5. Volker Braun (Ireland), will rent car
  6. Alyson Deines (University of Washington), lives in Seattle (has car, is bringing Andrew and Simon, has room for 1 more.)
  7. Maarten Derickx (University of Leiden, Holland), arrives at SEATAC at 21/08/2011 20:58, has no drivers licence
  8. Mike Hansen (San Francisco Bay Area)
  9. Benjamin Jones (UW-Stout): "I'm arriving at SEATAC on Sunday at 4:40p and renting a car. There should be 1-2 seats free on the way to the lodge and on the way back. I'm staying with friends in Tacoma after the workshop. I could drop anyone who needs a ride after the workshop is over in Seattle or Tacoma."
  10. Andrew Ohana (University of Washington), getting a ride with Aly Deines
  11. John Perry (University of Southern Mississippi), due in SEATAC 21 aug @ 2·16p, leaving 23 Aug @ 14·05p, willing to share a ride or a rental (prefer not to drive personally)
  12. Julian Ruth (Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany), arrives at SEATAC at 11:15 am; Rob Beezer will pick me up.
  13. Simon Spicer (University of Washington), getting a ride with Aly Deines
  14. William Stein (University of Washington), arrives at SEATAC at 4:32pm, has a car that can fit one person with light luggage.




William Stein (partial, far left), Simon Spicer, Maarten Derickx, Julian Ruth


Jen Balakrishnan, Aly Deines


Tom Boothby, Volker Braun, Maarten Derickx

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