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Tom Boothby: Implement Pippenger's Algorithm for multivariate polynomial evaluation

Pippenger's Algorithm is a method to compute a sequence of multiple products of multiple inputs. I intend to use this to (drastically, in some cases) speed up the evaluation of multivariate polynomials over arbitrary rings.

[http://cr.yp.to/papers/pippenger.pdf Paper]

[http://sage.math.washington.edu/sprint/pippenger.sws Worksheet] with my progress so far.

Skip to page 13. I've already implemented:

  • Direct computation (option 1 in the paper)
  • Input partitioning (option 2)
  • Most of input clumping (option 3)

I need:

  • Output partitioning (option 4)
  • Output clumping (excercise left to reader)
  • Some insight as to why DJB thinks that one can "quickly compute the parameter sequence given p, q. I'll bring a print copy of the 3 cites from Pippenger [34-36].

  • The general case (not certain this is a reasonable goal for the amount of time we have)

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