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 * Bobby Moretti -- calculus demo/discussion  * Bobby Moretti -- calculus demo/discussion [http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/moretti/days3/talks/calculus.pdf slides]

Lightning Talks Ideas/Suggestions

  • Gregory Bard -- Equations I'd really like someone to solve. Please!!!
  • Martin Albrecht -- linking against Singular and fast commutative algebra in SAGE
  • Bobby Moretti -- calculus demo/discussion [http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/moretti/days3/talks/calculus.pdf slides]

  • Nick Alexander -- a very small SageX example, hopefully to complement Martin's talk. I see now that Martin's talk is later, in the developer section, so maybe this should wait?
  • Gregory Bard -- A totally impractical algorithm for matrix multiplication in time \Theta(\frac{n^w}{(\log n)^{(w/2)}}) for any 3<omega<2.

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