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 * Michael Abshoff, Martin Albrecht, John Cremona, Jordi Quer, William Stein, Enrique González-Jiménez, [[http://polit.upc.es/~puig/indexen.html|Joaquim Puig]].  * [[Michael Abshoff|MichaelAbshoff]], [[Martin Albrecht|http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~malb/]], [[http://www.warwick.ac.uk/~masgaj/|John Cremona]], [[http://www-ma2.upc.es/~quer/|Jordi Quer]], [[http://wstein.org|William Stein]], [[http://www.uam.es/personal_pdi/ciencias/engonz/|Enrique González-Jiménez]], [[http://polit.upc.es/~puig/indexen.html|Joaquim Puig]].

Sage Days 16: Barcelona, Spain

Sage Days 16 will take place June 22-27, 2009, the week after MEGA 2009. The event will be organised by the CRM (http://www.crm.cat) and the OSRM of the UPC (http://www-fme.upc.edu/osrm/), and will take place at the FME, in the campus of the UPC, in Barcelona.


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