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   * Code the algorithms (easy at this point)    * Code the algorithms (should be easy at this point)
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Help is welcome!   Help is welcome, especially for writing a Cython interface to Frobby.

Sage Days 16 Project Idea Page

Create a Cython class for points on elliptic curves and optimize basic arithmetic

PEOPLE: William Stein

  • Right now basic arithmetic on elliptic curves is way too slow. It could be sped up by moving the point class to Cython, and possibly by using better formulas for arithmetic, e.g., using projective coordinates.

Create elliptic curve classes for elliptic curve models in the Explicit-Formulas Database

PEOPLE: David Kohel

  • In order to optimize and compare arithmetic, we should first implement alternative models and verify relative performance. The isomorphisms between different models should also be implemented, and classes for isogenies of these models developed, making use first of the new isogenies code, and eventually putting in place special optimized code for specific models.

See the EFD: http://www.hyperelliptic.org/EFD/

Rewrite abelian groups

PEOPLE: William Stein

  • It would be possible to use trac 5882 to rewrite abelian groups natively in Sage (not using GAP), in a way that is much more flexible than the current implementation. This could be useful for many number theory applications.

    More Details

Optimize/better document/generally improve graph theory library in Sage

PEOPLE: Robert Miller

  • Ticket #6085 contains a lot of work so that a graph created by Graph(implementation='c_graph') is just as functional as a Sage graph. I will be sporadically working on improving documentation and optimizing graphs all week, and anyone interested is welcome to join.

Cliquer SPKG for Sage

PEOPLE: Robert Miller, Nathann Cohen (remotely)

Take a look at the possibility of making GAP a dynamically loadable library

PEOPLE: Robert Miller, Martin Albrecht (hopefully)

Python implementation of Ford-Fulkerson algorithm

PEOPLE: Robert Miller

I plan on at least copying the Python implementation on wikipedia, since now we have nothing at all for max flow problems. Hopefully then someone who really cares about it will try to use it, realize it is slow, start improving it, etc. etc. etc.

Frobenius number and genus of numerical semigroups using toric Grobner bases

PEOPLE: Bjarke Hammersholt Roune

  • I plan to code Frobenius number (largest gap) and genus (number of gaps) functions for numerical semigrups using two related algorithms based on toric ideals. These algorithms can handle random numerical semigroups generated by numbers with thousands of digits, as long as there are not too many minimal generators. I'm happy to explain either algorithm if you want to help or are just curious. The steps needed are these:
    • Find the best way to compute toric Grobner bases in Sage (4ti2?)
    • Improve the integration of the library Frobby for monomial ideal computations.
    • Code the algorithms (should be easy at this point)
    Help is welcome, especially for writing a Cython interface to Frobby.

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