Sage Days 11

Special functions and computational number theory meet scientific computing

November 7 -- 10, 2008, Austin, Texas

Organizers: William Stein, Fernando Perez, Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas, Salman Butt, Craig Citro

NOTE: The Supercomputing 2008 conference (officially known as SC08) is described here: It takes place from November 15-21 at the Austin convention center.

Official Webpage

We have an official webpage for the conference [ here]. Please visit this page to register for the conference!

Registration and Funding

We have some limited funding available for participants. Please register [ here] if you are planning on attending, and indicate whether you would like reimbursement for travel, hotel, or both.


Please add your name to the list if you're going to be coming to SD11.

Hotel Info

A block of rooms has been reserved for us at the Doubletree Guest Suites, 303 W. 15th St, Austin, Texas. [,+15th+st,+austin,+texas&ie=UTF8&ll=30.27986,-97.741971&spn=0.020161,0.025878&z=15 Here] is a link to a google maps view of the hotel.

Ground Transportation

Austin's bus system is run by [ Capital Metro] which has a number of bus routes that service the UT campus. UT shuttle buses are marked by white and burnt orange buses that use letters for their route as opposed to numbers. UT shuttles are free to ride.

To and From the Airport

There are a couple of options to get to and from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA).

If you will be staying at the Doubletree Suites, you can take the Airport Flyer to 15th and Lavaca St, right next to the hotel. Otherwise, if your hotel is centrally located, my suggestion would be to use the Airport Flyer. A cab or shared-ride van is probably your best option if your hotel is not along the Airport Flyer route. It takes about 20-30 minutes to reach central Austin from the airport (depending on traffic).

To and From RLM

Robert Lee Moore (RLM) Hall is the home of the Math Department at UT. Maps of the University can be found [ here] -- click on the "4" to get a zoom in of RLM, at the corner of Dean Keaton St and Speedway St. A picture of RLM can be found [ here].

From the Doubletree Suites


Near the Doubletree Suites

* [ Clay Pit]: contemporary Indian cuisine. Fairly good and not overly expensive. They have a lunch buffet (including on Saturday) this is an excellent deal. On Guadalupe St, between 16th and 17th streets (Guadalupe is one block west of Lavaca). * [ Texas Chili Parlor]: chili, burgers, tacos/enchiladas, bar food. Tasty, but probably not the healthiest option. They are located on Lavaca between 14th and 15th streets, so very close to the Doubltree Suites

Between the Doubletree Suites and RLM

As you walk up to campus along Guadalupe to RLM, you will find lots of dining options. There's a range of restaurants that vary between fast food and sit-down restaurants. Here are some highlights, listed in increasing proximity to RLM.

* Players: Burgers and bar food. Located on the corner of Guadalupe and MLK Blvd. * Taco Cabana: A fast food place serving Mexican food. Think Taco Bell but with fresher ingredients that won't make you sick. Located on MLK Blvd about 1.5 blocks west of Guadalupe. * Veggie Heaven: A quite tasty veggie/vegan informal sit-down restaurant. Located on Guadalupe, just north of MLK Blvd, on the west side of Guadalupe. * Pho Hoang: Vietnamese place specializing in pho. Located near Veggie Heaven on Guadalupe, just north of MLK Blvd, on the west side of Guadalupe. * Chipotle: I'm sure you all know about Chipotle. Located on Guadalupe on the west side of the street, just north of 22nd St. * Pot Belly: A (hot) sandwich place that sells Nantucket Nectar drinks (the only place in Austin where I have found Nantucket Nectars). Located on the west side of Guadalupe, just north of 23rd St. * Which Wich: A sandwich place. Located on the west side of Guadalupe, just north of 23rd St. * Kismet Cafe: A falafel/gyro place. Tasty and well-priced. Located on 24th St, just a few feet west of Guadalupe. * Kerbey Lane Cafe: A 24 hour cafe/diner. Moderately priced (entrees are about \$10), but a great place for breakfast or brunch. Expect long lines for Saturday or Sunday brunch as nearby undergrads flock to it then. Located on the west side of Guadalupe, just north of 26th St, it's a little out of the way from RLM but still not very far (just one block north of Dean Keaton). * Madam Mam's: A very tasty Thai restaurant. I've never been to Thailand, but friends who have say Madam Mam's is legit. Reasonably priced (curries are around $7), though you should expect a wait during the lunch hour rush. They also do pick-up orders. Located on the west side of Guadalupe at its intersection with Dean Keaton. * Slices and Ices: Pizza joint offering NY style (i.e. thin crust) pizza. In my (Salman's) opinion, one of the top three pizza places in Austin. A couple of slices and a drink will set you back about \$6-\$7. Located at the intersection of Guadalupe and Dean Keaton, just a few feet north of Madam Mam's.