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People: Gonzalo Tornaria, Craig Citro, David Harvey People: Gonzalo Tornaria, Craig Citro, David Harvey, (Robert Bradshaw)
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 progress  For the Cython side of things, see http://trac.sagemath.org/sage_trac/ticket/4480


Sage Days 11 Projects

These are projects for [:days11: Sage Days 11].

Native Implementation of Dokchitser's Algorithm

People: Craig Citro, William Stein, Sourav Sen Gupta, Michael Rubinstein, Rishi Kesh, Gonzalo Tornaria

[:/dokchitser: More details.]


Cython Wrapping of Rubinstein's L-calc

People: William Stein, Sourav Sen Gupta, Michael Rubinstein, Craig Citro, Rishi

  • Michael Abshoff -- update to latest version of lcalc, i.e. the 1.2 release

Screencasts, Documentation, and Video Interviews

People: Timothy Clemans

Trac Tickets 3580 and 4249

People: John Voight, Craig Citro, someone with a system similar to Cremona's

Work on IPython topics that affect Sage directly

People: Fernando Perez, William Stein to provide list of topics and feedback.

  • %time isn't preparsed
  • mabshoff -- upgrade to latest release
  • $HOME/sage.init -- wthread issue
  • way nicer writing out of history as an option (seg faulting, crashing, invidual history overlap)
  • annoying valgrind crap?

test ATLAS 3.9.4 with NumPy, SciPy and Sage

People: Michael Abshoff, Fernando Perez

Enumeration of relative quadratic extensions

People: John Voight, Jon Hanke

High Level Memory Profiling and Modular Forms Memory Caching Issues

People: Michael Abshoff - understanding of guppy and muppy ought to be helpful; William Stein

Optimize Modular Symbols

People: Craig Citro, William Stein

  • tell us what sucks

Quadratic forms

People: Jon Hanke, Craig Citro, Gonzalo Tornaria

Lay some groundwork. What is out there? E.g., Hanke's code, etc.

Optimize sage -br

People: Gonzalo Tornaria, Craig Citro, David Harvey, (Robert Bradshaw)

Elliptic Curves over Function Fields

People: Chris Hall and Sal Butt

  • char >= 5, GF(q)[t]

  • goal: L-series

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